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DetoxPod 77: Bryan Mack

September 29, 2021
My love of music tends to direct me towards quite a few potential podcast guests, and the seeds for this week's episode were sown earlier this year when I joined a bracket style music tournament held by my buddy Crispin Kott, who you might remember from episode 36.
That group introduced me to Bryan Mack, this episode's subject. Bryan is a music geek through and through. You'll find out just how much of a music geek he is during our conversation. In addition to collecting records and going to tons of shows, Bryan is also (I think) Detoxicity's first lawyer. He's a practicing attorney in the small town of Bishop, California, where he was born and raised. Bryan talks about the unscrupulous reputation a lot of lawyers have and what drew him to practice in the first place. We also talk about how small town life suits him, why live music is good for his body image, and we find out what lines he draws to achieve a better work-life balance.