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DetoxPod 76 : Ethan Freckleton

September 22, 2021
Since I started doing this show, I've developed a bit of a thing about people who call themselves life coaches. There's a level of, dare I say, bullshit that I've detected with some of the people I've interviewed thus far that have felt the calling to coach others through life. So I approached my interview with Ethan Freckleton cautiously.
Thankfully, Ethan allayed my fears by being vulnerable, being honest and acknowledging that he doesn't come from a place of presumed superiority or enlightenment. He's fighting the good fight just like the rest of us and trying to help those through a combination of his own experience and the knowledge that there's still quite a journey ahead. I should add that Ethan, like many of my guests, is many things in addition to being a life coach. He's a musician, an author, and the host of the podcast The Fearless Storyteller. He lives up to the fearless and storyteller parts of this title during our conversation.