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DetoxPod 70: Chris Gethard

August 4, 2021
Chris Gethard is a comedian, an actor, the writer of several books, and the host of the podcast Beautiful/Anonymous, in which he takes a random phone call from a complete stranger and converses with them for an hour. Chris is probably best known for Career Suicide, a one man show that later became an acclaimed HBO Special, in which he went deep on his struggles with depression.
My conversation with Chris covers a lot of ground. We talk about his recently released documentary, "Half My Life", in which he tries to figure out a balance between his life as a comedian and his life as a suburban dad.  We talk about hitting your forties and realizing you're not as cool as you may have once been (this is of course, subjective.) We talk about bullying, which was a prominent part of his upbringing and still rears its head from time to time. We discuss the difference between toxic violence and self-defense, and we talk about the heaviness that comes with being a public figure who talks openly about mental health challenges.